Date With Destiny Recap

Wow!! What a wild ride it’s been. I just landed back in SLC from leading the movement segments all week at Tony Robbins Date With Destiny! To share the stage with such a powerful thought leader and energetic powerhouse has been SUCH an honor!! To connect people back to themselves through the magic of movement with KINRGY has truthfully been one of the most impactful experiences of my life.

I wanted to share a few of my major takeaways as we reflect on 2020 and begin to visualize what our lives will look like in 2021!


1. Where your focus goes, your energy flows.


2. You are the one in control of the MEANINGS you give to your experiences. 


3. Learn to recognize the negative emotions you most commonly indulge in, then shift your state!!


4. Physiology FIRST


5. You are constantly designing your life through your thoughts, actions and emotions.


6. Call it like it is but not worse than it is, so you can become THE CREATOR OF YOUR LIFE not the manager of your circumstances.


7. Energy is everything.

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