Let your magic be your guide.

The world told me not to believe in magic.
The world told me I was unworthy, I would never be good enough.
It wanted me to play small, to hate, to hide, to numb, to fit in.
The sad part is, somewhere along the lines, I started to believe it.
Life has served me lesson after lesson.
I’ve faced darkness more times than I can count, and through it all... I listened.
I listened to the quiet whisper that guided me along.

I followed the signs with curiosity and wonder.

I sought out truth and light in the darkest corners of my life

and when I couldn’t find it,

I became it.

I stood up for the underdogs even when no one would stand with me. I challenged out dated ways of thinking and believed in unconditional love.

I believed I could have my cake and eat it too.

I trusted in the unknown and surrendered to the possibility that something better was up ahead.

I took responsibility for my own life, and did the work little by little to heal my pain.

I shed the layers that were not me, and every day I’m committed to keep uncovering MY truth!

I believe I was brought into this world ON PURPOSE FOR A PURPOSE and I will stop at nothing to ensure I remain a clear channel and a healthy vessel for light and healing to flood into this planet.

I came into this world with ALL the odds stacked against me.

I’m still in AWE that all of those lessons were leading me here.

All of those whispers were guiding me back to who I really am.

I paid attention to the signs, I diligently did my work, and ended up on a stage with Oprah, Jules, and some of the most radiantly beautiful humans I’ve ever known.

I have never felt more like I’m EXACTLY where I’m supposed to be.

God is so good.

Life is SO good!

I am SO grateful.

If you’re in a season of struggle, I just want to offer a gentle reminder to keep going.

Keep following the signs.

Keep uncovering your superpowers.

Fall in love with the parts of yourself that the world wants you to believe are unlovable.

Because the truth is, you’re perfect. You were always perfect.

You are so uniquely designed to offer your gift to the world in a way that


You are OVERFLOWING with magic and if I know one thing...



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